the seo game


Be me. Took part in the SEO Game.

Find out on the internet that I have a relatively common name in the grand scheme of things. Brain swirls in cosmic anxiety at all the permutations of me that are currently living a life in my name. Some Brian Ngans live completely divergent lives as dentists, golfers, investors, developers, photographers and so on…

Find out that each one of these alter egos are congesting my SEO space (see for yourself here).

Screenshot: Mostly not me.

They say:

The worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself.
- Nietzsche

No true-er words. Start pitting myself in an inconsequential battle against other better (SEO-wise) versions of myself.

Commence Operation: Copy-And-Paste-My-URL-Where-Ever-I-Can. Find every nook of the internet where I have an internet presence. LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram… You name it, I’ve placed it. Even my SoundCloud profile has my URL.

And now we wait…

Still sitting at number 3…

Photo: “Dummy’s Guide to performing a Stone Cold Stunner on Angels.”